Summer Program

Country Montessori is pleased to announce its 2023 Summer Learning and Activities Program:

Summer of Science!

Get ready for an exhilarating summer of science discovery! Over the next two months, our budding young scientists will delve into a world of curiosity and exploration. They’ll question, investigate, and record their exciting findings. With nature as our classroom, we’ll embark on thrilling journeys to understand the world around us, brainstorming ways to support the rich wildlife thriving in our very own backyards. Together we will ignite your child’s scientific spirit, experience the joy of discovery, and embark on an unforgettable adventure into the wonderful world of science!

Hours & Tuition

Country Montessori’s summer program is only for current students, past Montessori students, and students who are enrolled in the upcoming fall. Summer program enrollment is on a week to week basis.

Full Day

9 AM - 3:00 PM

Half Day

9 AM - 12:00 PM

After Care

7 AM to 5 PM

9 Weeks of Fun & Learning


June 19th - 23rd: Bugs, Birds, and Buildings​

This week we will be exploring the wildlife in our own backyard. From bird watching to bug safaris, we will be searching for and identifying every living thing we find. We will also be learning ways to help our environment; planting certain flowers for butterflies and bees to pollinate, and making bird feeders for our feathered friends.


June 26th - 30th: Body, Bones & Brains

Climb aboard the magic school bus as we dive deep inside the human body. This week we will explore everything we cannot see inside our bodies. From our bones to our blood cells, we will learn what makes us tick with fun songs and activities.


July 10th - 14th: Clouds, Colors & Chemistry

Why is the sky blue? Why are clouds white? Where does the rain come from? What makes rainbows colorful? This week our meteorologists and chemists will find the answers to these questions while tracking the weather, observing the sky, and experimenting with colors.


July 17th - 21st: Explore, Experiment & Examine

Time to get hands on with science experiments, and chemical reactions. We will be taking part in numerous projects and activities that will be sure to captivate your young scientist.


July 24th - 28th: Magnets, Motion & Matter

Did you know that much like Earth, a magnet has a North and South Pole? This week we will explore and experiment to find out what this means. Our young scientists will work with magnetic forces, pulley systems, and levers, as well as, compare the different forms of matter; solids, liquids and gas.


July 31st - Aug 4th: Rivers, Rocks & Erosion

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? This week we are going to take a deep look into how it was created! Students will be able to see, first hand, how erosion played a role in forming different landforms like the Grand Canyon.


August 7th - 11th: Sense, Shadows & Stem

This week we will partake in STEM activities that will involve making different creations that will produce a shadow. We will brainstorm ideas of possible materials we can use, create a design, engage in the experiment and analyze a conclusion. What senses do you think we will be using this week? Did you know there are more than 5 senses?


August 14th - 18th: Bouncing Bubbles

This week the children will engage in processes such as observation, experimentation, investigation and discovery, simply by studying bubbles!!! They will be exploring the world of bubbles hands on through different sudsy activities!


August 21st - 25th: Mix & Measure (Final Week)

Did you know that cooking is Science? This week we will be learning to mix and measure according to recipes. See that bread rise in the oven? You just witnessed a chemical reaction! Science is all around the kitchen and this week we will learn where to look!

“When a child is able to use their hands to discover, their discoveries become more meaningful .”

– Maria Montessori