How much outside time would my child get?

Each classroom has a morning and afternoon recess. Each recess is a minimum of 30 minutes. In the nice weather, classes will take learning outside and spend much of the day in the fresh air.

How does arrival and dismissal work?

Our school offers a “drive-through” system for both drop off (9:00) and pick up times (12:00 and 3:00).  Families are encouraged to utilize the “drive-through” program to avoid congestion in the parking lot. If you need to pick your child up early, you can park and come into the school to dismiss. If your child attends […]

How is my child evaluated throughout the year?

Teachers evaluate students using a Montessori evaluation which is aligned to Common Core Standards for Preschool and Kindergarten aged students.  The school holds two parent-teacher conferences per year; one in the fall to discuss social-emotional skills and one in the spring to discuss academic skills.

Can somebody other than a parent pick up my child?

Yes. At the time of enrollment, you will provide the school with up to 4 emergency contact people. These people will be listed on your child’s authorized pick up list. You will need to provide an email or note on the day/s this will occur.